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Course codeС0M5
Study methodDistance learning
Academic level of the programmeLevel 7 (postgraduate, master, MA, MSc, MBA)
Subject areaEntrepreneurship
Programme typeModule with enclosed topics
Programme duration30 hours
Number of modules included1
Number of topics10
Award typeCertificate
Awarding bodyUK Online Academy
Taught languageEnglish
Assessment1 written task (1500 words +/- 10%)
Course will start onevery Monday
NOT includedOnline one to one tutor, paper certificate, text books
IncludedCourse materials, end of course assessment, e-certificate of completion, 1 year access to course materials.
Free extras30 min online consultation in finding optimal education pathway

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This course will provide students with the intellectual and practical background to equip would-be entrepreneurs with the skills and knowledge to set up their own international companies successfully.

The present module is created in full accordance with national educational standards in the field of the higher and postgraduate education, requirements of QAA UK (Quality Assurance Agency). Professors, famous in the academic world of Great Britain, the USA and Europe, took part in development of the program. The original version of the module is developed in English.

Developers of the module assume that the student already has the basic higher finished or incomplete education, is able to work independently with printing and online materials, has access to libraries, including online libraries, and also has the high level of self-discipline and motivation. Experience on the chosen subject matter is not obligatory. Knowledge of English at the level of ability to read literature is not obligatory, but it is desirable.

Module is developed for completely independent studying.

It is supposed that for successful assimilation of a training material of the module the student has to spend about 30 hours.

For a successful completion of the module the student has to execute and protect ONE written work or ONE task (usually it is work of 1,500-2,000 words +/-10%. Work shall be performed in English.

Upon successful completion of this modules the student will receive the following type of certificate:

Certificate on Completion of the Module.

Topics you are going to learn

1. The Nature of Entrepreneurship and Intrapreneurship

This introductory session shows how entrepreneurship and Intrapreneurship bring value to an organization. It also compares and contrasts entrepreneurship with intrapreneurship. It explains entrepreneurship as an instrument of innovation, risk taking and creativity and identifies intrapreneurship as embodying the same characteristics as entrepreneurship yet set within the confines of a large organization. 

2. The role of Social Entrepreneurship

This session explores the meaning of social in the context of entrepreneurship. It emphasizes the aims of social entrepreneurship and shows how social entrepreneurs are driven by creating and sustaining a positive social and environmental impact as well as economic value. It also explains the various organizational forms including non-profit, for-profit, hybrid combination, and cooperative that can act as social entrepreneurs

3. The Key Characteristics of Small and Medium Sized Enterprises

This session explains the various features of small and medium sized firms in respect of such issues as scope, ownership and organisation. It describe the advantages and disadvantages of such organizations relative to large firms and identify the major management and business building issues in small and medium sized businesses.

4. The Start-up Process

The session deals with the process of new venture creation. In particular it explores the entrepreneurial process, the nature of business opportunity, resources and organisation in the entrepreneurial organisation and the changing role of the entrepreneur in the consolidated business.

5. Financing the new company

This session considers the parameters of financing a new venture from two perspectives. It reviews various sources of funds as well as criteria for their selection and acquisition and then it explores a number of axioms for effective financial management.

6. Corporate governance in the small company

This session discusses the set of internal policies, rules and procedures that a small company follows to ensure that it operates in equitable and acceptable manner. It seeks to identify the advantages and of corporate governance and the means by which a small business can introduce and administer it.

7. Successful Entrepreneurs

This session sets out the characteristics of the successful entrepreneur. It emphasizes the personality of the entrepreneur. It highlights the personality of the entrepreneur using several examples of establishes and up and coming entrepreneurs.

8. Entrepreneurship in the Hi-tech Sector

This session portrays entrepreneurship as a change agent. It discusses the innovative capacity of the company and how this can significantly impact economic growth. It discusses the importance of entrepreneurs in the high-tech sector have achieved more growth in turnover, employment and productivity than others over the past 40 years

9. Entrepreneurship in the Food and Drink sector

This session discusses the difficulties and risks involved in creating new ventures in the sector, particularly from start up. It points out the prevailing industry dynamics and opportunities for entrepreneurial success within the sector. It also emphasizes the need to assess market opportunity and potential. It also shows how clear targeting with a specific offer unique value chain, guerilla marketing tactics can assist entrepreneurs in a variety of sub-sectors within the industry.

10. Revision

Students are advised to revise all the previous activities on the course.

Course Learning outcomes

By the end of the course students should be able to:

  • - Understand the vital features of entrepreneurship and appreciate the behaviours required to support intrapreneurship and corporate entrepreneurship.
  • - Be able to understand new venture creation and the entrepreneurship process through to consolidation.
  • - Understand the financing options available to start -up and developing companies with new and innovative product and services
  • - Understand the contribution entrepreneurial activity makes to improving social and economic responsibility
  • - Appreciate the qualities and characteristics of entrepreneurs.
  • - Gain an appreciation of the role of start-up and entrepreneurial activity in the hi-tech and food and drink sectors.


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