UK Online Academy 

About us

UK Online Academy is an independent business school located in the United Kingdom and offering a range of professional retraining, language, undergraduate and post-graduate level programmes.  Programmes are mostly offered in distance learning formats allowing students to learn from anywhere in the world.

UK Online Academy was established by professionals working in education and IT areas for more than 20 years. Their vision is to create an institution that offers an opportunity to those who have the motivation to complete an undergraduate or postgraduate level education in business studies with less money and time spent.

Our academic staff who deliver the courses at UK Online Academy are all respected professionals in their fields and are very experienced in theory and practice as well as in teaching.

The academic requirements for UK Online Academy programmes are very flexible as we believe that high motivation and commitment to studies can help our students to achieve the best possible results. The quality of education and the well-being of our students is our main priority and we back this up by offering wide-spread support and pastoral care on a personal level to all our students.

Based in the UK we open our doors to everyone who is passionate and motivated to study high quality academic programmes.

We believe that technologies can help to improve quality of education, reduce time and cost of education and therefore we are wildly using innovation in our IT infrastructure and learning materials.

High academic standards, fully qualified staff and an impressive variety of programmes are just a few of the many reasons why students choose UK Online Academy. It provides innovative teaching methods, excellent student support, generous financial aid and a great learning environment to students from many different countries.

Our mission

Our mission is to provide you with the knowledge and skills to stand out from the crowd in both your academic and working career. Our teaching faculty are among the best in the educational sector.  You will study with professors, lecturers and tutors who are highly experienced in theory, practice and teaching, and preeminent in their academic fields. 

Our beliefs

  • - education has to be high quality
  • - education has to be helpful in real life
  • - education has to be interesting and has to engage
  • - education has to be tailored to particular person needs
  • - education has to be accessible to most of people anywhere in the world

We created our programs, modules and topics in accordance with principles stated above.

We also offer the additional services which are helping to achieve the principles stated above

We provide

We provide the very best in quality education. You will have a lot of flexibility and support while study at UK Online Academy.

We understand

We understand the value of time and money, and we want you to gain an education which will be the most beneficial and flexible for you. 

Why to choose UK Online Academy?

Students, from all over the world, choose UK Online Academy as a stepping stone towards achieving their professional and personal goals. Below are key factors why UK Online Academy is the best choice for you:

  • - UK Online Academy is located in the UK and is operating based on the UK standards.
  • - Our multilingual support team are here to assist students throughout their studies.
  • - Our Academic team are highly experienced professionals who offer first class support to students, offering innovative and interactive teaching.
  • - Scholarships are available to students upon application. We also offer flexible payment plans to students.

Our students

UK Online Academy aims to ensure that all of our students enjoy their time with us and are able to use their experiences in the future.

Once a student has graduated from UK Online Academy, we encourage them to become proud ambassadors of the Academy and join our Alumni Society.