Educate the Planet

Educate the Planet is an independent not-for-profit education foundation offering international students one-to-one support and affordable scholarships.  Responding to a lack of higher school and pre-university courses in the developing world, Educate the Planet works with educational establishments in the UK and other countries to help international students access high-quality education that they would otherwise be unable to afford.


Educate the Planet aims to give international students from the developing world the opportunity to study at high-profile schools and colleges around the world. It fulfills the ambitions of talented and motivated young people who want to expand their opportunities and career prospects.
By building an open and supportive community, the foundation promotes tolerance and respect. It offers international students equal access to professional and academic qualifications, irrespective of their immigration status.


Educate the Planet is committed to a holistic vision of  global education. The foundation realises the role of education in addressing contemporary global challenges, and is driven by the belief that education is the cornerstone for creating strong and viable communities around the globe.
Through scholarships and direct support, Educate the Planet foundation helps students realise their academic potential by applying to study at highly respected UK and worldwide educational institutions.


Education is a ticket to a better world. Being educated is a prerequisite for developing career prospects and showing one’s best by mind and spirit.

At Educate the Planet, international students can uncover a variety of opportunities to get professional recognition within a variety of specialisations and industry areas. Plenty of courses and study programmes are available to students wishing to study at renowned universities, colleges and schools in the UK, USA and Russia. Review the scholarship application process here.

Explore the range of our scholarship options, study programmes and specialisations and lay the groundwork of your professional future.



Should you wish to help us you can donate as much as you wish either here at UK Online Academy website or just go directly to our website.

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