Integrated Intelligence limited is a trusted partner of UK Online Academy.

Integrated Intelligence limited company established by professionals with significant experience in consulting industry. The company's mission is to assist foreigners in their living and working in the UK. 

Everyone knows how difficult it is to get it right, arriving in a new country without knowing the laws, culture and customs of the business, not knowing the professional terminology. We know all the ins and outs of this maze. 

The list of areas in which we are providing our services you can find here at UK Online Academy or at our website, but it is not limited by it. Ask us if you will not find what you need. 

You will not find a price for our services at our website, as we are not the "supermarket" and we work very individually. However, we can reassure you. Services market in the UK is highly competitive and our prices are not higher than those of other service providers and we always can make a better deal for you. 

We welcome you as our customer and will be happy to provide you with professional support.